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Hodjat Ghadimi
Associate Professor
School of Design & Community Development


  • Teaching at WVU in Human and Community Development, Design, Landscape Architecture, and Energy Environments programs:
    • The Creative Economies
    • Seminar: Physical & Environmental Planning
    • Intro to Urban Design
    • Regional Design
    • Sustainable Cities: Best Practices
    • Research Seminar
    • Global Context for Design
    • Economics of Innovation & Creativity
    • CGE Short Course
  • Past Courses (all in Graduate programs):
    • Quantitative Methods in Urban and Regional Planning
    • Information Technology in Architecture/Planning
    • Intelligent Built Environment
    • National and Regional Development Planning
    • Systems Theory for Designers/Planners
    • Project Management and Professional Practice
    • Thesis Seminar and Research Methods
    • Urban and Regional Planning Studios